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Many other Catholic sites are on the internet with information about counseling and other items of interest. Click here. is extremely helpful for anyone wanting to set up an online site or just to learn more about online counseling.

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Introduction to Online Counseling
Online Counseling is another way which we can use technology to accomplish God's work. Many people, for a variety of reasons, seek healing through online counseling instead of face-to-face counseling. We invite you to explore this site and find out for if it could work for you.
Definition: Internet Counseling is performed when a licensed mental health professional engages in the process of therapy using email, online voice, online type or online video as means of communication. This counseling may be considered Internet Christian Counseling when clients and therapists agree to hold to and use common Christian values. These values result from and adhere to the facts taught by Jesus Christ and the other Scripture writers forming a Christian worldview that guides decision-making. Resources, books, videos, articles, etc., from other Christian authors may also be used in therapy. The therapist, especially, should have an education in Christian Theology. Internet Catholic Counseling is when the therapist and client agree to adhere to Catholic Truths as taught by the Magisterium. The therapist understands the major role that these Truths play in daily living. The therapist also has training in Catholic Theology. The client must also have some understanding of these truths or at least the openness to learn them. These truths will permeate many of the topics discussed during counseling. Catholic resources, books, videos, articles, etc., from other Catholic/Christian authors that adhere to the Magisterial Truths may also be used in therapy.
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